Audio mastering is the critical final stage in music production before a song is ready for public distribution. It is a intricate process aimed at optimizing the sound quality of an audio track, ensuring its cohesiveness, and preparing it for playback across various media and audio systems.

Ultimately, the goal of audio mastering is to bring out the best in the music, guarantee its sonic excellence across all playback systems, and provide it with a consistent and professionally captivating sound. It is an indispensable step to maximize the music's appreciation by the audience.


  • Full Sonic Treatment: I will meticulously enhance your tracks through dynamic processing, precise EQ adjustments, tasteful tube saturation, and more. Every element of your mix will be refined to ensure clarity, power, and musicality.


  • Digital and Analog Gear: By leveraging the precision of digital technology alongside the warmth of analog equipment, I will craft a sound that is rich, well-balanced, and captivating.


  • Versatility Across Genres: Whether your music spans the heavy metal domain or thrives in the vibrant world of EDM, my mastering skills are adaptable to any genre!"


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How to place your order ?

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Service / Stem Count

Under the Service, you can choose between MASTERING or STEM MASTERING.

  • Stereo Master
  • 2- 8 Stem Stereo Master

Stereo Mastering is the mastering of your stereo mix performed in our stereo mastering studio

Stereo Stem Mastering is the mastering of each indyuvial stem you have provided. Stem mastering allows the engineer to process and balance each stem perfectly into the mastering chain. The benefit of this, is that if a certain sound is too loud such as the bass. Instead of using EQ or multiband compression to reduce the bass frequency, which subsequently reduces the volume of every other sound in that frequency. The engineer is able to use gain and reduce the volume of the stem independently of everything else.


2-5 Working Days (returned within 2-5 working days)