Professional Mixing Services: The Analog-Digital Fusion


At Twisted Transistor Records, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art mixing services that harmoniously blend the best of analog and digital worlds. Our approach to mixing is rooted in the belief that every track deserves a unique treatment, respecting the artist's vision while elevating the music to its highest potential.


Analog Warmth Meets Digital Precision : Our hybrid mixing setup is the cornerstone of our service. By combining the warmth and character of analog gear ( Antelope Audio, DBX, Warm Audio,...) with the precision and flexibility of digital tools ( Acustica, wave, slate digital,...), we create a soundscape that is both rich and meticulously detailed. This blend ensures that your music not only sounds great but also feels emotionally resonant and alive.


Tailored to Your Sound : Whether it's the raw energy of rock, the catchy rhythms of pop, the depth of hip-hop, or the pulsating beats of EDM, our mixing service is customized to suit the specific needs of your genre. We pay close attention to every element, from the subtle nuances in the vocals to the complexities of the instrumentation, ensuring each component shines through.


Collaborative Process : Mixing is a collaborative journey, and we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We encourage your input and feedback throughout the process, ensuring that the final mix aligns perfectly with your artistic intent.


High-End Equipment and Software : Our studio is outfitted with top-of-the-line analog audio interface ( Antelope Audio & MOTU ), outboard processors, and a vast array of digital plugins and software. This combination allows us to provide you with a mix that is both dynamic and polished, ready to compete on any stage, from streaming services to the biggest radio stations.


Ready for Any Challenge : No project is too big or too small. We are equipped to handle single tracks, EPs, or full-length albums, providing each with the same level of dedication and expertise.

Mastering Services : Blending Analog Depth with Digital Clarity


Our mastering services are a testament to our commitment to sonic excellence. We understand that mastering is the final and most critical step in the music production process, and our goal is to ensure your music is not just heard, but felt.


Analog and Digital Synergy : Our mastering approach combines the warmth and character of analog equipment with the precision and consistency of digital tools. This hybrid methodology allows us to bring out the best in your music, ensuring it sounds fantastic on any system, from high-end audiophile setups to everyday streaming platforms.


Crafting Your Sonic Signature: more than just a technical process ; it's an art form. We meticulously sculpt the sonic character of your tracks, enhancing clarity, depth, and balance. Our mastering process ensures that your music retains its dynamic range while achieving the loudness and presence needed to stand out in today's competitive music industry.


Genre Versatility : We have extensive experience in mastering a wide array of genres, from the visceral energy of rock to the nuanced subtleties of acoustic performances, the rhythmic complexities of hip-hop, and the immersive soundscapes of EDM. Each genre demands a unique approach, and we tailor our mastering techniques to suit the specific needs of your music.


Collaboration at Its Core : We believe in a collaborative mastering process. Your vision and feedback are integral to achieving the desired outcome. We ensure open communication throughout the process, aligning our technical expertise with your creative vision.


Global Standards, Personalized Touch : Whether you're releasing your music locally or aiming for international charts, our mastering services ensure your tracks meet global industry standards. We provide you with a master that is optimized for various formats, be it digital streaming, vinyl, or CD.